Cheese (Parmesan)

ParmesanVegetarian ‘Parmesan’

Did you know that umami flavour-staple – Parmesan – is not vegetarian?

It’s hard to imagine cooking without it, but almost all traditional Parmesan is not vegetarian as it contains animal rennet. As far as I am aware, Bookham’s Twineham Grange Vegetarian Pasta Cheese is the only vegetarian alternative. They are not allowed to call their product “Parmesan” as this is a DOP-protected product (and in all honesty it doesn’t quite compare to a genuine, beautifully-aged, artisan Parmesan). However, Twineham Grange is aged for 15 months, is made with unpasteurised milk and is certainly delicious enough to replace traditional Parmesan in anything you cook, making it absolutely invaluable to vegetarians. Thanks Bookham’s!


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