Rhubarb, Rose & Lemon Cocktail

Rhubarb, Rose & Lemon CocktailThe weather in Stockholm remains a bit hit and miss at the moment, although the cloud usually clears by the evening, and my unparallelled balcony view continues to yield amazing sunset after amazing sunset (check out my Instagram stream for an almost daily documentation of this joy!).

Part of me believes that if you build the cocktail, the weather will come, so this bright, hopeful recipe is here for you in preparation for what I expect to be a beautiful weekend!

And what better way to reutilise the gorgeous Rhubarb and Rose Purée I posted the other day.

Rhubarb & Rose CompoteAs the purée was made with Fentimans’ sugary (but delicious) Rose Lemonade, I turned to this for a mixer as well. The other ingredients in this drink are either resolutely tart or boozy, so some sweet is definitely called for to balance the flavours.

Fentiman's Rose LemonadeI almost never drink sweet, fizzy drinks anymore, having thankfully shaken off a previously unquenchable thirst for cola some years ago. But occasionally, exceptions must be made, and cocktails are one of those exceptions.

Although clearly still a sugar-packed occasional treat, I like to think that Fentimans makes a delicate, slightly more sophisticated soft drink, the subtle botanical flavours and sharp lemon enhancing the sticky sweetness – great as a mixer!

Fentiman's Rose LemonadeLemon was the obvious addition to this drink, as it is for just about any drink ever – check out my favourite (healthier, non-alcoholic) lemon drink here. Although you might think the rhubarb is tart enough, it actually works together beautifully with the lemon – indeed these are the two main flavours in a stunningly coloured Rhubarb, Fennel & Radish Salad with a Lemon-Honey Dressing I made the other day.

Boozy, sweet, sour, fruity and colourful – my ideal summer cocktail. What do you fancy drinking at the moment?

Rhubarb, Rose & Lemon Cocktail

Rhubarb, Rose & Lemon Cocktail
Serves 1
  1. 1 heaped teaspoon rhubarb & rose purée, more to taste
  2. 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice, more to taste
  3. 100ml rose lemonade
  4. 30ml vodka or tequila
  5. enough ice to fill your glass
  1. Shake or thoroughly mix together the purée, lemon and vodka. Pour over the ice and top with the lemonade.
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